Forever Homes

As a fully committed pet owner/breeder, I feel it is sometimes in the best interest of some of our cats to retire them to “forever” homes.  Appreciating the loyalty and love they have given our family, retirement to a loving, quiet and peaceful home allows for a much less busy environment.  

We appreciate knowing our retirees can enjoy uninterrupted rest, and simply more individual attention.  Having bouncy, playful kittens in our home is not always conducive to providing our retired ladies/gentlemen with the tranquility they deserve. 

Knowing the love and care we have given to our feline family, we are extremely choosey when it comes to re-homing. We are specific to ensuring new homes do not have small children in the home, are smoke-free environments, and generally our past re-homed pets are placed with people whom we have been referred to by other very responsible pet owners.  Our re-homed cat owners are in continuous contact with us and often share many pictures and wonderful stories of our special little friends.


Our Founding Queen

I fell in love with " Ch. Marlcreek Little Miss Tumbleweed" from a picture that Charmayne of Marl Creek Cattery had of her at the very first cat show I was ever at.  I knew she was exactly what I was looking for.  After many conversations with Charmayne, she agreed that I could have her, I was so excited to have her as a new member of our home.  My cattery was actually going to happen.  "Tumbie" was an excellent fit into our family and she made the cattery what it is today.  I am honoured to have had her here.  I cannot thank Charmayne enough for trusting me with this little beauty.
Tumbie had her first litter of kittens on my birthday!  My wonderful husband was home and helped her through the experience.  Sadly, only one baby survived.  Tumbie was a wonderful mom to him.  He is a beautiful and handsome boy and he now lives in Collingwood.

The second time Tumbie gave birth she needed a c-section.  She was having trouble during labour, so I took her to the vet.  She gave birth to 5 kittens.  All were healthy but two sadly became twisted in the uterine horn causing the loss of two kittens.  Tumbie had some minor damage to her uterus so we decided to do the right thing and spay her right then.  She came home with her babies and again was an amazing mommy!  She had 2 beautiful girls and 1 very handsome boy.

I was showing Drama at a show and I met a wonderful couple, Diane and Jerry.  I spoke to them about Tumbie and what had happened to her.  I spoke on several occasion by e-mail about Tumbie, we all decided that it was time to retire her to a 'forever' home, so Diane and Jerry were the perfect fit for her.  Tumbie is quiet, sweet and lovable.  I could not ask for a better home for Tumbie.

Thank you Charmayne for allowing me to have this lovely little girl in my life!  She is everything I had hoped for and more, and thank you Diane and Jerry for lovingly taking wonderful care of Tumbie.  She will be a wonderful addition to your family!

Finally, thank you Tumbie!  You made my dreams come true.   Without you, there never would have been Arcattarags.  I will always have your little paw print on my heart!  Enjoy your quiet, lovely life!  You deserve it, my little Queen.