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I have no kittens at this time!  Please feel free to email me for information!  Stay tuned for updates!!


Awards and Accomplishments

LArcattarags Cattery is proud to announce that we once again are home to the #1 Ragdoll Premier in Canada for the 2012-2013 Canadian Cat Association.  She is also a Regional Winner. 

Arcattarags Cattery is proud to announce that Addy is the #1 All Breed Premier in Canada for the 2011-2012 Canadian Cat Association Show Season.  Maggie will receive awards this year too!  She is a Regional Winner in the Kitten Class, as well as being a Regional and National Winner in the Champion Class for the 2011-2012 Canadian Cat Association.  We are so proud of you girls!!!  Go Ragdolls Go! 

Arcattarags Cattery is the home of the #1 Ragdoll Kitten and the #1 Ragdoll Premier in Canada for the 2010-2011 Canadian Cat Association (C.C.A.) Show Season. We are very proud of Addy's and Maggie's accomplishments. They are both beautiful, sweet girls! Way to go girls!


Arcattarags is a small, closed cattery* located just east of Guelph in the village of Rockwood.  We are in close proximity to Acton, Georgetown, Kitchener and Waterloo, located approximately an hour from Toronto and 40 minutes from Mississauaga and Cambridge.  

My name is Carolynn Campbell and have realized a dream that I have had since I was a little girl, my Grandmother bred Siamese cats and I have always envisioned operating my own cattery.  I have admired and loved the Ragdoll breed of cat for its tender disposition and beauty and am now siezing the opportunity to share this breed of felines with those who share the same appreciation.  My husband Jamie is very supportive and assists in operating our family friendly cattery.  We are dedicated to breeding healthy, well socialized, beautiful, and lovable Ragdoll kittens.

We believe cages are meant for the show ring only, as a result, all cats and kittens have full run of the house to allow for socialization and interaction thus allowing for smooth transition to their new homes.  Birthing mothers are provided a calm and clean environment with close monitoring during delivery.  New kittens generally begin to integrate and explore our home at approximately 5 weeks of age .  All kittens are raised under-foot and become a big part of our family, we will love each and every one of them until they are ready to go to their new family at approximately 12-14 weeks.  The kittens are also raised around teenagers.  

All kittens are health guaranteed, vaccinated, spayed/neutered and registered with the C.C.A. (Canadian Cat Association). Upon the successful screening of the adoption of your new kitten, we encourage you and your familiy to visit often to bond with your newest family member.

Arcattarags is registered with T.I.C.A, (The International Cat Association), C.F.A.(Cat Fanciers Association), R.F.C.I. (Ragdoll Fanciers Club International) and C.C.A.

* I have decided to delete my blog because I am not able to keep it up to date. I am too busy with cats and kittens, and they are my priority. If you have any questions about what is going on at the cattery, please drop me a line and I will reply to you as soon as I can. *

*The health and safety of our ladies and gentlemen are paramount, therefore we are firm with our decision to maintain a closed cattery and not provide stud services.   

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